• I had been involved with many teachers and supervisors during the course of my career, but came to know Carolyn as being not only a master teacher, but also a master clinician and clinical supervisor. I find this combination to be unusual. Working with Carolyn is like being around an artist who paints and weaves words and images not only effortlessly but, also, profoundly. Her artistry can be breathtaking. But not only is Carolyn an artist, she is also intellectually gifted and able to integrate numerous theoretical frameworks into her thinking, teaching, writing and clinical work.

    Eileen Bond, MSW, Faculty, University of Michigan
  • I attended the Fundamentals of Hypnosis Training, the Intermediate Hypnosis Training, and participated in a mentoring group with Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D. Her extensive knowledge of hypnosis, and her teaching style is what drew me to continue through the series of trainings that she offered. Carolyn created a safe environment to learn hypnosis, which was a relief for any of us who came to the training with heightened performance anxiety! I really appreciated Carolyn’s ability to apply the use of hypnosis to a wide range of topics and models. I highly recommend attending any training that she offers.

    Barbara Beerthuis
  • I attended a Healing Anxiety seminar given by Carolyn Daitch in May. It was an impressive mix of mindfulness, behavioral and hypnotic principles with practical exercises. I remembered skills I had forgotten and added new ones. I’ve never used hypnosis as a tool, however I can see how useful it will be as a technique for calming, centering and rehearsing new skills in a safe environment. What more can one ask for in a seminar, learning and laughter. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Jenny Duchene
  • Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D., is a psychologist who has honed her skills, expertise and wisdom on the integration of CBT with hypnotherapy training. I left her training believing that I could make lasting change for my clients. She’s a gem and you won’t be disappointed!

    Eryn Joyce, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Medford, OR
  • Dr. Daitch is the world’s leading expert on anxiety and self-management. I never miss an opportunity to attend her training and workshops.

    Kent Massie, J.D. Ed.S. L.P.C. Faculty James Madison University
  • When Carolyn Daitch teaches, she speaks from a depth of intelligence, a warehouse of knowledge about her subject and a clinical competence that makes her a truly credible professional

    Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. author Getting the Love You Want and Making Marriage Simple
  • Carolyn Daitch’s Hypnosis training program is an incredible experience for those interested in the art and science of hypnosis. The format and practical application of her seminars allows the student the ability to learn firsthand from the master. Carolyn’s personal concern for her students’ progress is unique! I feel honored to have been trained by one of the premier educators in Hypnosis

    Daniel T. Morof D.D.S., D.I.C.O.I
  • Hypnotherapy training from Carolyn Daitch was quite simply the best professional training I have ever experienced. Her absolute mastery of the skills is matched by the warmth and humanity that shines through all of her work. If you have the good fortune to listen to, train with or visit professionally with Carolyn – grab it

    Bruce Thomson, MS, LMSW, Founding Chair, Addiction and Recovery Workgroup, NASW
  • Fantastic…I’m really happy I signed up for this workshop.” “Helpful to me as a therapist as well as for clients

    Participants in the Affect Regulation Toolbox Workshop, International Council of Psychologists, San Diego, CA.
  • Best course I ever attended!

    J. Sowada, MA, Minneapolis, MN
  • Dr. Daitch is a master teacher. In my opinion, having attended other national and local conferences, there is no one better at making the fundamentals of hypnosis clear and integrating aspects of various psychotherapeutic approaches.

    Jonathan Falk, Ph.D., Birmingham, MI
  • Very engaging and detailed information on specific areas of hypnotic applications. Carolyn inspires confidence in beginners and experienced therapists alike.

    Judy Peelle, LMSW
  • A true master in her field, Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D., brings a wealth of experience, skill, and artistry to her teaching. Her effective use of experiential and didactic teaching modalities creates a rich environment for learning and developing the healing art of hypnosis.

    Eleanor Payson, LMSW, Royal Oak, MI
  • We were amazed with her knowledge and enchanted with her charm.

    Victor Simon M.D
    Institut de Medecine Psychosomatique d’Hypnose Clinique et de Therapie Breve, Hypnosis Paris, France

    Victor Simon M.D
  • It was, without a doubt, the first time (excluding an occasional outstanding plenary address) that I have ever witnessed a standing ovation at a workshop such as yours.

    Dennis Pilon, ACSW
    Director Trauma Recovery Center.

    Dennis Pilon, ACSW
  • Your presentation at Maplegrove was very well received with comments like–awesome, bring her back, best presentation ever! Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your experience and knowledge.
    Kitty Burch
    Program Coordinator
    Maplegrove Community Education and Children’s Programs

    Kitty Burch
  • I recently completed an advanced training with Carolyn Daitch at the Center for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It was one of the best training classes I have ever attended.  Michiganders are lucky to have this jewel so close to home. The previous workshops in the series were Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Hypnosis and Marital Therapy. I hope to attend again in the fall. CT