The Insomnia Solution


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Insomnia can dramatically diminish the quality of one’s life. Without sufficient sleep, we concentrate poorly, and make judgment errors at work and on the road. Insomnia leads to irritability and less resilience to stress. It can also produce anxiety disorders. Long-term insomnia can adversely affect health as well. This self-hypnosis CD guides the listener into a relaxed state and the requisite stillness of mind and body that precedes sleep. When used nightly, the listener can learn to train his/her nervous system to elicit the appropriate level of electrical activity in the brain to foster good sleep habits.


Before receiving your program, I was only sleeping 2-3 hours each night. I was beyond being able to function at work or home. I don’t know what I would have done without your insomnia CD. I am sleeping throughout the night and feeling great.

I have never heard the entire insomnia CD because I fall asleep before it ends. It works great for me!

When the audio self-hypnosis CDs were first recommended, I was slightly skeptical that they would help me overcome the night-before-the-law-school-exam insomnia I had for some time unsuccessfully grappled with. However, using Dialing Down Anxiety and The Insomnia Solution self-hypnosis CDs during recent exam periods, and experiencing their benefits firsthand—both in substantially better sleep and improved grades––I can’t recommend this natural alternative strongly enough.

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