Managing the Distress of Cancer and its Treatment


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If you’re undergoing treatment for cancer, this self-hypnosis audio CD can help you master the distress associated with this disease, which can have a significant impact on your physical and psychological well-being. Managing the Distress of Cancer and its Treatment is a drug-free way to achieve a feeling of control over your life. Through guided imagery and proven relaxation techniques, Dr. Daitch will help you control the emotional and physical impact of treatment. You will learn to access the power of your brain to manage physical and emotional symptoms. Repeated practice will increase your self-confidence and help you conquer cancer treatment distress.


When I was going through my cancer treatment, I would play my CD and I was infused with hope and strength.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer this winter, I was terrified. As I listened to Dr. Daitch’s soothing voice, I felt comforted and hopeful and my fears were eased.

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