Dialing Down Anxiety




Anxiety may develop from a complex set of risk factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events. Many anxious people worry excessively and are pessimistic about the future. This audio program will help the listener to interrupt negative, irrational, or obsessive thoughts, diminish worry and lessen fear of the future. Cost for this CD is $19.99.

These audio programs are not a substitute for professional treatment. They are designed to be an adjunct to the medical or therapeutic treatment you are receiving. Do not use these programs while operating machinery or while driving. If the CD is not helpful, or you are finding it is in some way causing you difficulties, stop using it immediately. If you find you want or need more help with these issues, seek out a professional.


My therapist recommended that I listen to ‘Dialing Down Anxiety’. No treatment has helped me with my panic reactions as much as this CD.

Dialing Down Anxiety by Carolyn Daitch has become part of my daily life. It calms me, revives me and helps me to focus on my daily life. When I am finished each day, it feels like I am floating on air. Thank you, Carolyn Daitch, for bringing quality to my life.

When the audio self-hypnosis CDs were first recommended, I was slightly skeptical that they would help me overcome the night-before-the-law-school-exam insomnia I had for some time unsuccessfully grappled with. However, using Dialing Down Anxiety and The Insomnia Solution self-hypnosis CD’s during recent exam periods, and experiencing their benefits firsthand — both in substantially better sleep and improved grades — I can’t recommend this natural alternative strongly enough.

Brilliant! Dr. Daitch’s CD’s are my ‘go to’ for immediate comfort. When I don’t have time for ‘Dialing Down Anxiety’, I find that the shorter tracks from ‘Peaceful Interludes’ work just as well. I also love the personal CD she made for me. Her voice calms me immediately. I keep them all on my iPod!

For the past 4 weeks, I have been very pleased to have two CD’s by Carolyn Daitch, the first ‘Peaceful Interludes’ and the second, ‘Dialing Down Anxiety’. I listen to each on a daily basis. I start the day with them and I am grateful I came upon them because I am greatly helped as a result. They are calming; her voice is soothing and relaxing. I recommend these CD’s to anyone having stress and anxiety, as I do.

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