The Anti-Anxiety Audio Spa


Previously titled Peaceful Interludes.

The Anti-Anxiety Audio Spa gives listeners an antidote to the 24/7 stress and time urgency that many of us experience in our lives.



The Anti-Anxiety Audio Spa gives listeners an antidote to the 24/7 stress and time urgency that many of us experience in our lives. Stress and anxiety are too often our daily companions. We are discovering the necessity of pausing, resting, and finding peaceful moments to revitalize. This audio CD will help you relax, self-soothe and remain calm and clear in the face of stress. With this gentle and empowering program, you will learn to use the immense capacity of the mind to change the way you respond to life events. As you practice, you will learn to worry less and to keep life events in proper perspective. Consistent adherence to the program can positively affect your attitudes, behaviors and resilience to stress.

For optimum results, listen to this CD daily, in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. It is best to listen to this audio program every day for six weeks and then at least three times a week thereafter.

These audio programs are not a substitute for professional treatment. They are designed to be an adjunct to the medical or therapeutic treatment you are receiving. Do not use these programs while operating machinery or while driving. If the CD is not helpful, or you are finding it is in some way causing you difficulties, stop using it immediately. If you find you want or need more help with these issues, seek out a professional.


Carolyn is an artist who paints and weaves words and images not only effortlessly but also profoundly. Her artistry can be breathtaking.

Dr. Daitch has a unique clarity in her approach, based on scientific theory and extensive clinical experience…naturalistic, yet theoretically-based, Dr. Daitch’s series of hypnotic applications to common psychological difficulties offer a terrific tool and a wonderful introduction to the practical use of hypnosis.

While listening to your tapes daily, I practice the different methods to distract me. I definitely notice a big difference in my behavior; my phobia has gone away completely. My husband is very pleased, as I am also. It has made a huge difference in the way I react and certainly made my life more comfortable. I feel much more relaxed and at ease…

I listen to the Insomnia Solutions, Peaceful Interludes and Dialing Down Anxiety regularly. They work well for me and help me to relax. Carolyn has a soothing and supportive voice. The CD’s gently guide you to deeper levels of relaxation, often without you even noticing it.