Alpha/Theta Sailing II


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Think of the brain as an ocean with four different wave cycles corresponding to the surrounding conditions. A wide-awake person will be using alpha and beta waves to think and concentrate. A person at rest or at sleep will be using theta or delta waves. This audio CD, Alpha/Theta Sailing II, can help you call up alpha and theta waves at will to elicit a soothing, relaxation response. Repeated exposure to the music at home and in therapy sessions will train your brain to accept these relaxation cues. Health care professionals frequently use the music to enhance the quality of guided visualization and hypnosis. It is sequenced to elicit alpha and theta waves in the brain. Alpha brain waves are associated with physical and mental relaxation, while theta waves are associated with drowsiness, meditation, dreaming, sub-conscious states, and hypnosis.

This audio program is designed to assist one in moving quickly into a calm and relaxed state of consciousness. Alpha/Theta Sailing II provides an ideal background to enhance the quality of relaxation training, guided imagery, and hypnosis.

With repeated listening, the music becomes a cue to re-elicit a state of relaxation.  Psychotherapy clients who have had relaxation training or hypnosis accompanied by Alpha/Theta Sailing II, frequently request a copy of the music to play at home.

These audio programs are not a substitute for professional treatment. They are designed to be an adjunct to the medical or therapeutic treatment you are receiving. Do not use these programs while operating machinery or while driving. If the CD is not helpful, or you are finding it is in some way causing you difficulties, stop using it immediately. If you find you want or need more help with these issues, seek out a professional.

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