Worried woman on a plane.

Overcoming Your Fear of Flying

Novelist Erica Jong is the only person who made fear of flying funny–and profitable. Jonathan, a 25-year-old patient of mine, has had an un-funny case of fear of flying since 9/11. His work often demands that he get on a plane, and each time it’s a heart-bursting, white-knuckled nightmare. Of course, Jonathan is not alone.…


Are You A Chronic Worrier?

Are You A Chronic Worrier? Even when life is running smoothly, chronic worriers focus on unknown disaster looming around the corner. If you are a worrier, you suffer on three levels: cognitive, emotional and physical. Cognitive anxiety shows up as the worried thoughts you experience – the host of “what ifs” that plague you. On…


Are You Anxious In Love?

THREE WAYS TO REDUCE ANXIETY IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP Are you anxious in love? Are you anxiety prone? Is this anxiety interfering with your relationship? Did you know that anxiety may worsen everyday conflict? Are you wondering where the connection and intimacy have gone? Are you fighting or withdrawing? How can you dial down your anxiety…